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Hello everyone!

As a thanks to all the people who commeted during the 6th Bead Soup Blog Party I want to make a present fot you. If you commented below THIS POST you're in the running for my felted beads. I hope you like it)
Here are my new felted beads Halloween I have made for you:

My palette))

And now the list of participants: 

1. EWA
2. CraftyHope
3. roomforchange
4. bailaora
5. Karen Williams
6. Sweet Freedom
7. Dana Fowler
8. Lupe Meter
9. Ann
10. beadrecipes
11. Alles Perle
12. Tanya Ozanne
13. Andra
14. LeeLu Creations
15. Arlene Dean
16. 13
17. Leah Curtis
18. Lori Anderson
19. Alice
20. Kumi at Malie Kai Designs
21. jojosbeads
22. Terri
23. Cris Peacock
24. Sandi Volpe
25. Linda Y
26. Rachel
27. Jean A. Wells
28. KayzKreationz
29. Kashmira Patel
30. Karen Mitchell
31. CreARTelier
32. Janeen
33. Christine

According to the results of random, it will be sent to ..

The winner is Linda Y
Congratulations! Contact me by e-mail with your address in order to send you the beads. 

Best wishes))

Перевод будет попозже: бегу-бегу)

8 commentaires:

  1. Linda,
    I have sent you my felted beads Halloween. I hope to see your pieces soon. Best wishes and thanks.

  2. What a wonderful felted beads!! Perhaps next time...:))))

  3. Oh they are so cute! Lucky Linda!

  4. So cute! I love the colors, especiall the purple and orange. After Christmas, Halloween is my second favorite holiday.

    Congratulations to Linda!!!